BERITA ◈ EMS tax notification to France ◈

*EMS shipment to France only

- The increased tax on EMS mail/shipment to France (Due to EU tax system on 1st July)
 - Return mail has increased due to non-payment/rejection of taxes, etc.

 - Taxed shipment must be paid by the recipient upon delivery and can be returned immediately as it is considered a refusal if tax is not paid.
 - If you want it to be re-delivered, make an immediate request to the French delivery company Chronopost Customer Center (Tel: 09 69 391 391) (Delivery carrier cannot accept and confirm the re-delivery request, make a request to the local customer center simultaneously)
 - Required recipient's phone number (tax notice mail may be notified by text message before delivery)
 - Tax payment method on delivery: checkbook or cash (even balance is needed)

** Please make sure that the package is not returned by paying the tax.
If you pay tax double even though you already paid VAT in advance under the above circumstances, please leave an inquiry thru
HERE (click) with your tax payment receipt, and we will help you with your refund.
>> this link is only available when you paid VAT double. Also, this does not apply to the receipt of the event product (or free gift)