BERITA [Notice] Ktown4u’s options for the poster and the poster tube selection (System Change Application : From 2018-12-13 Thursday)

Ktown4u has changed the option for poster additions to provide a more convenient purchasing environment.
You can decide all options and continue shopping with just one click without having to click several times anymore.
For more information, please check the images and descriptions below.

System Change Application : From 2018-12-13 Thursday


You can choose whether to include posters in the Product Options.
All poster options provided by Ktown4u are available free of charge.
If you do not select a poster from this option, the package will be sent without the poster.

Purchase of the poster tube is available in your shopping cart.
The minimum number of poster tubes required to match the number of posters is automatically selected. Additional costs are imposed on the poster tube, so you can delete the poster tube from the shopping cart according to your will.
Ktown4u no longer offers additional purchase options for poster tubes.
Excessive purchases of poster tubes require more postage due to increased shipping weight. Therefore, to allow our customers pay the most optimized postage and avoid any disadvantages, we do not provide the additional purchase options for the poster tubes.

If you want to delete the poster tube and add it again, click the Add button at the top right of the screen.
As soon as you click, the most optimized number of poster tubes is calculated for the selected product options and added to the shopping cart.
If you have selected all purchase options, click the following buttons below to finish the purchase process.